ASPYEE Forum is an online knowledge exchange board for TVET stakeholders including researchers, policy makers and youth population can engage on topics ranging from employment, entrpreneurship, skill development and blended learning to job creation. The Forum space will enable dialogue events on a national, regional, and continental level with stakeholders like TVET policy makers, skills development practitioner, TVET academics and researchers, the business community, public sector, and youth.

ASPYEE Forum is a collegial space and allows for dissemination and knowledge sharing of nationally tried and – tested approaches throughout the continent, discussions around framing challenges, and defining solutions. Participants can build a connection with other members of the forum and make and leave their opinions about some specific topic of interest.

The forum promotes exchanges and circles of thoughts within the continental community and relies on the work of personalities and institutions involved in employment-oriented skills development. ASPYEE Forum creates a thriving online community and highlight challenges, and opportunities that exist on the continent to make Africa better.


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