ATUPA News January 2024 Report

29 Mar 2024
Aspyee Admin
ATUPA News January 2024 Report

Just like the West Africa Regional TVET Conference in Saly, Senegal, the ATUPA International Conference in Accra, Ghana, was a huge success, thanks to the concerted efforts of the ATUPA Executive Board and Secretariat, the Accra Local Organising Committee, chaired by Professor Ben Q. Honyenuga, and by extension, the support of the Government of the Republic of Ghana, not forgetting the attendees from across the continent. This edition also enumerates the methodical strides towards economic freedom through the reengineering of TVET systems in Africa, as explained by our very own Chairperson of Executive Board. It is these strides, without a doubt, that have now made TVET the cornerstone of wealth-creation. The Secretary General delves deeper into the topic. In this bulletin, the TVET discourse takes a Pan-African perspective, with our host during the all-important benchmarking mission, Professor Amevi Acakpovi, urging heads of African institutions of learning to think inside the box while initiating and undertaking collaborations and exchange programmes, for, therein, lie the experiences and opportunities unique and applicable to the African situation. And that is not all: Accra Technical University demonstrates how student and faculty projects are soaring into the