World Skills Kenya National Competition

29 Aug 2023
Zipho Tshapela
World Skills Kenya National Competition
World skills kenya TVET

World Skills Kenya National Competition 

"Transforming the future with the power of skills"

WorldSkills is the global hub of skills excellence, which promotes vocational education and training for young people in 85 Member countries and regions. Every two years WorldSkills hosts the world championships of skills. Formed in 1950 in Spain, WorldSkills Members promote skills to two-thirds of the world’s population. The next global WorldSkills Competition will be held in Lyon, France from 10th-15th September 2024. These international competitions involve a lot of preparedness which calls upon countries to raise their skill excellence to match international occupation standards.

On the 28th of August to 1st September, World Skills Kenya will be hosting their national competion. The competition will include a diverse range of skill trades, allowing participants to compete in their chosen fields, across the selected skill venues with main 12 skill areas being conducted at Kenya School of TVET

To learn more and participate, visit World Skills Kenya

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Start Date & Time

28 Aug 2023
9:00 am SAST (GMT/UTC+2)

End Date & Time

28 Aug 2023 - 01 Sep 2023
9:00 am 5:00 pm SAST (GMT/UTC+2)


Kenya School of TVET


World Skills Kenya